Everything you need to know Kingsman Corporation Limited

Who We Are

Kingsman Corporation Limited, utilizes a holistic and flexible methodology in formulating solutions to the management of our clients’ wealth at every stage of their lives.
At Kingsman Corporation Limited a professional team is made available to every client and coursed through one dedicated relationship manager. The team’s expert and experienced advice is always available when needed by you, with a detailed knowledge of personal circumstances and a decision making unit; inclusive of family, financial advisers and business interests, all of which enables us to create your personal plan.

What Matters to You Matters to Us

Our primary concern is recognizing your needs and motivations. This is very important in the formulation of your personalized solutions that include wealth management services such as investment management, banking, tax, trust and fiduciary services. For corporate clients we offer solutions on fund administration, custodian trustee, employee administration and special purpose vehicles.

What we do

With the immensity of the prevailing global economic and political uncertainty today change is inevitable and unavoidable. Future events and consequences for world politics, the economy and financial markets as well as for individual investors are greatly diverse and must be planned for.


Because of this uncertain situation, investors can and will benefit from expert guidance. Economic models, methodically crafted, including the most probable and the most risky developments, serve as a guide and give direction to making the best decisions.


Capital market conditions change as unpredictably as the weather.


We care for the assets entrusted to us with several scenarios in mind, while being ready for the challenges each may present.


With this information, we are able to derive the appropriate conclusions for an individual investment strategy and the specific investments in a portfolio.


Our holistic approach to wealth management allows us to be agile and move swiftly while drawing on an abundance of
experience and expertise.


A dedicated team of experts with experience and knowledge to match your wealth aspirations with the right solutions.


Flexible and swift to maximize opportunities while minimizing risk, predicting and exploiting changes from trends in markets and economies.


Ensuring clarity and transparency at all times, continually assessing your needs and evaluating the most appropriate strategy to preserve your wealth


We regularly stay ahead of trends and search for improvements at every turn.