Our Services


Investment Advisory Services

When choosing an advisory – services mandate, you yourself make the investment decisions. On every matter concerning your wealth, we guide you and make available to you our full and complete support. Your client advisor is available to you , at no charge to discuss details, and if you require, will recommend appropriate investments in consonance with your risk tolerance.


Kingsman Corporation Limited Asset Management services assesses which of the available investments world wide corresponds to the best choice for you. Our recommendations are always based on comprehensive research. For instance, when selecting stocks, our focus is on undervalued companies but show a vigorous balance sheet and able to realize attractive long-term results.


With our system, we are able to gauge the risks in your portfolio and report them to you in a clear and concise format. On the basis of these assessments we are ready to assist you as you continue to optimize your portfolio.


Business Process Outsourcing

We offer outsourcing solutions to third – party asset managers and securities dealers. As an outsourcer, this service enables you to benefit from our expertise and long experience.


This service enables you to benefit from our broad based knowledge and reduce operational and migration – related risks to a minimum. By modernizing your process structure, you will benefit from calculable costs and strict compliance with deadlines. However, you will need to consider a number of aspects before selecting business process outsourcing as your strategic option.

Strategic Partnership

By entering into a strategic partnership with Kingsman Capital., financial institutions can strengthen and expand their private asset management activities while retaining their independence and flexibility.

Private clients and selected financial institutions can tap into our wealth of knowledge to benefit from asset management expertise. By going into a strategic partnership with Kingsman Corporation Limited., you can strengthen and expand your private asset management activities and continue to retain your independence and flexibility.

The benefits of a strategic partnership with us are crystal – clear:

  • Enhanced client benefit because of effective and functional service quality
  • Right to use an integrated wealth management solution without the need to arrange for additional resources
  • Right to use Our Private Asset Management research, expertise and experience, including our range of training activities

Close collaboration with us lets you to retain independence and freedom of action, with no financial ties or IT linkage Services.