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A dedicated portfolio manager works closely with the client to structure and monitor the appropriate investment portfolio

Strategic Asset Allocation


Strategic Asset Allocation is intended for clients preferring to hold a made-to-order portfolio of investments customized to their own financial objectives and risk tolerance. This service is best suited for experienced and investment educated investors.

Our state-of-art strategic asset allocation models will be used to create an investment strategy best fit for you based on your shared attitude to risks and specific requirements. Your portfolio will be constantly monitored and should it be needed, recommend changes in its composition. Such changes will be made once your specific consent is acquired.

Trend Tracking

Is intended for clients who are experienced and financially advanced and desire to obtain personalized advice on their investments and the management of their portfolio.


You will be alerted to opportunities, trends and themes as they occur and you will be regularly provided with advice on the management and composition of your portfolio. The final decision on whether to buy, hold or sell any investment is yours. Unless specifically instructed by you, we will not deal on your behalf.